Membership Renewal

We're glad you're choosing to stick with the program! If you've been gone for a while, Welcome Back! Whether you're only on call for major disasters, or ready to take part in regular operations, your experience and willingness to face challenging circumstances help make Burbank a safer, more resilient community. In whatever capacity you choose to volunteer, we're grateful to have you aboard.

The renewal process is fairly straightforward. With a little preparation, you should be able to sail right through it.  There are typically two types of renewal:  1) an “in person” renewal or 2) renewal by email.  The following guide can help you prepare.


Renewal By Email:

This, by far is the easiest way to renew; however in order to renew by email, you need to meet certain key criteria.  If you do not meet these requirements, you will need to renew your identification in person.

Requirements to renew by email:

·         You regularly attend the monthly meetings (we understand you may not be able to make every meeting, but you are at least there more often than not).  The reason you need to attend meetings is, 1) we can easily verify who you are to authorize renewal and 2) you will be issued your new valid identification card at the monthly meeting.


·         Your current identification has a photo that accurately depicts you.  If your looks have significantly changed since the last photo was taken, we highly suggest you renew in person.  In general, a person can usually renew two, maybe three times by email before a new picture is needed.

Renewal by Email Instructions:

1.      Complete the Member ID Renewal Form (click here for a pdf version).  Make sure and update with your current information.

2.     Email  In the subject line put “Fire Corps Renewal by Email”.  Attach the completed Member ID Renewal Form.  In the body of the email, indicate that your picture is accurate and you wish to renew your ID by email and pick up at the Fire Corps meeting.  If any information on the actual card needs to be changed (e.g. your name because of marriage, height, weight, etc.) make sure and indicate those changes in the body of your email.

Allow at least 2 weeks for your renewal to be processed, so if the meeting is less than 2 weeks from when you submit your renewal email, it may not be ready until the following month’s meeting, but talk to the Coordinator of Volunteer Operations or the Fire Department Emergency Management Coordinator to see if your card is ready at the meeting. 


Renewal In Person:

If you need to renew your Burbank Fire Corps Program identification card, and do not meet the criteria above to renew by email, then process is still straight forward and easy, but you will need to renew in person.

            Renew In Person Instructions:

1.      Complete the Member ID Renewal Form (located under the “Documents” tab in the “Forms” folder).  Make sure and update with your current information.


2.      Email  In the subject line put “Fire Corps Renewal appointment request”.  In the body of the email, indicate that your Fire Corps identification card is about to expire and that you want to come in and renew your card in person. (Do NOT attach the Member ID Renewal Form – you will bring this in person with you to your appointment).


3.      Show up to your scheduled appointment time and bring the completed Member ID Renewal Form with you.  Your appointment should take less than 10 minutes.


Renewal Process after a significant time lapse since previous card expired:

If its been over twelve months since your card expired, Management Services may require require you to submit a new application and possibly undergo the LiveScan background check process again.  These determinations are made on a case by case basis with many factors involved (such as length of time since card expired, length of time volunteer has been a member of the Burbank Fire Corps Program, and other mitigating factors).  If your card has been expired for more than twelve months, contact Charles Bishop (  and inform him that you need to renew your card and inform them how long itsbeen since it expired, they will advise you on the renewal process for you.