Code of Conduct

Professional Conduct and Discipline

The Burbank Fire Corps Program (BFCP) is a well-respected part of the Burbank community. This has been achieved due to the dedication and commitment of our members, who continually strive to be a resource to the City of Burbank.

You represent the BFCP to new members, to the public, and to those to whom we render our services. It is important to portray a positive image.

As a volunteer with the BFCP, you are expected to comply with the following:

  1. Dial 911 for all emergencies.

  2. Know you are not a Firefighter. You are trained to function as an extension of the fire department's non-hazardous support function or in response to CATASTROPHIC disasters, when such circumstances exist or when directed by emergency services officials.

    • When disaster occurs, your first responsibility is to ensure your own safety and the safety of your family.

    • You can then respond to the assigned assembly point(s) to join with other BFCP members.

    • You shall not respond or “self-dispatch” to any incidents on your own.

  3. Do not represent yourself as a firefighter or other official member of the City of Burbank beyond that of an official volunteer supporting the City of Burbank or the Burbank Fire Department.

  4. Do not self-deploy to local events (fires, accidents, etc.). If you happen to come across such an incident as a “Good Samaritan” you may take appropriate action as a Good Samaritan, but not under the color of authority as a BFCP member.

  5. Confine your actions to the guidelines of your training and stay within the scope of your training and certification.

  6. Confine your actions to your physical, and resource limitations, when responding as a member of BFCP. Such limitations may be determined by, but not limited to, equipment available, physical abilities, knowledge, authority and hazards.

  7. Conduct yourself with professionalism, dignity, and pride, and act appropriately and responsibly at all times while assisting others.

  8. Treat City of Burbank personnel, Fire Department Staff, fellow BFCP members, visitors, other volunteer program participants, guests, and the public with respect and courtesy.

  9. Treat all property with respect.

  10. Be sensitive to the diversity of BFCP members and those we serve and assist.

  11. Direct anyone looking for official statements from BFCP to the Emergency Management Coordinator, Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator of Volunteer Operations or BFCP Chief of Staff.

  12. Respect the privacy of persons served by BFCP and hold, in confidence, all sensitive, private, and personal information.

  13. Hold, in confidence and keep private, information you become aware of in your position as a BFCP volunteer. In your position as a volunteer with the BFCP, you may be aware of information that has not yet been released to the general public or you may be aware of administrative information that until such time as information is made public is to be held in confidence and kept private.

  14. In dealing with an incident or other such scene, direct all information inquiries to the Public Information Officer (PIO). If no PIO is assigned, direct inquiries to the Fire Department (or other agency which may be the lead agency for the incident or scene).

  15. Keep BFCP leadership informed of any progress, concerns, or problems with tasks to which you have been assigned.

  16. Partake of no alcohol or drugs while responding as the BFCP and do not report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. NOTE, that although recreational marijuana has been legalized in California, for purposes of the BFCP program, no-member may report while under the influence of marijuana or have just recently used marijuana including any edible products or marijuana derivatives such as oils or other products.

  17. You are forbidden to carry guns, batons, chemical spray (e.g. pepper spray) or other weapons (you may have multi-purpose tools, reasonable knife, etc. that is justified to carry out your role as a BFCP volunteer unless otherwise prohibited by law). You have been trained for immediate disaster response and there is no need, place or legal authorization for you to carry any items deemed to be a weapon. To do so will jeopardize your own safety and the continued existence of the BFCP in Burbank.

  18. You shall not authorize the use of, or use for the benefit or advantage of any person, the name, emblem, endorsement, services or property of the BFCP, without the written approval of the BFCP Coordinator of Volunteer Operations, Deputy Coordinator of Volunteer Operations or Emergency Management Coordinator. This includes, but is not limited to identification card, uniform, documents, developed forms, procedures or presentation materials.

  19. You shall not accept, or seek on behalf of any other person, any money or gifts offered as a result of your affiliation with the BFCP unless carrying out authorized tasks associated with the collection of sanctioned donations.

  20. You shall not use your participation in BFCP to promote any partisan politics, religious matters or positions on any issue.

  21. You should avoid inappropriate conduct that would jeopardize program effectiveness. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

A. Offensive or profane language or gestures

B. Public criticism of a BFCP team member, its leaders, the BFCP, the City of Burbank (and agents), the Burbank Fire Department

C. Jeopardizing another team member's safety

  1. BFCP members may not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages while visibly in uniform. Further, BFCP members will not engage in social activity in a bar or other establishment where the primary business of that establishment is the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages while visibly in uniform.

  2. BFCP members may not use tobacco products while on duty or otherwise visibly in uniform. (BFCP members who are off-duty in transit immediately to/from a BFCP event may engage in the use of tobacco products only if the BFCP member is wearing an outer garment that covers all distinguishing markings that associates the person as a BFCP member or may otherwise cause the member to appear on-duty). Furthermore, any volunteers attending any event or meeting not in uniform, shall follow all applicable smoking laws and/or prohibitions.

  3. BFCP members will be held to a high standard of moral turpitude both on and off duty.

  4. BFCP members will always act above reproach and carry themselves in a professional manner while maintaining a high standard of conduct, integrity and concern for department, program and public interest. A BFCP member’s conduct must command the trust, respect and confidence of the department, program and public.

It is the responsibility of each and every BFCP member to report violations of the BFCP Professional Code of Conduct or any other action that may be questionable. Any member, who knowingly conceals, fails to report or otherwise misrepresents an action described within this section or any other questionable action, may be in violation of conduct unbecoming a BFCP volunteer.

The BFCP is committed to a policy of fair representation and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, geography, or group affiliations. Volunteers will adhere to these same standards in the course of their duties.