The Burbank Fire Corps is actively seeking new members. Membership has two prerequisites: applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and provide proof of California residency. Young adults 16+ may apply with the written consent of their parents. No special skills are required to join Fire Corps – only a desire to serve the community.

The Burbank Fire Corps does not discriminate on any basis and it's members are expected to follow that principle.

One of the first steps to joining the Burbank Fire Corps Program is to either read more about the programs of the Burbank Fire Corps Program here on our website or attend one of the general monthly meetings that are open to the public to see if this is a program you are interested in.

Once an applicant passes their background check and becomes a member of the Burbank Fire Corps Program, their training opportunities – and chance to contribute – broaden. Members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the training recommendations. These recommendations offer a chance to advance in the program, but more importantly, they unlock opportunities to serve in ways that a Temporary DSW or convergent volunteer can't.

Advancement to successive levels is not required. New members, or long-time (but inactive) members, are encouraged to start slow and explore their interests in disaster awareness and emergency services. Each successive Burbank Fire Corps Program level indicates a member has achieved a particular Program standard by three different measures:

Time Commitment

Burbank Fire Corps Program members are encouraged to participate at levels within their comfort zone. While we operate under the authority of the Burbank Fire Department, Emergency Management Division – and many members are involved in Emergency Services or Emergency Management in other areas – the Burbank Fire Corps Program itself is an all-volunteer organization. Our members come from all walks of life and they choose how much time they want to contribute, often varying their availability month-to-month and season-to-season based on other obligations.