Burbank Fire Corps



Welcome to the official site of the Burbank Fire Corps Program (BFCP). The BFCP is an all-volunteer section of the Burbank Fire Department Emergency Management Division. The BFCP is affiliated with the Federal Fire Corps program, as well as Citizen Corps in regards to the CERT mission. Finally, the BFCP follows Cal OES guidelines and it's members are state-registered Disaster Service Workers.

Burbank's Fire Corps program operates as an auxiliary support arm of the Burbank Fire Department. Our regular taskings include Community Volunteer Fire Patrol, a canteen service for firefighter relief, meeting our auxiliary communications obligations, promoting disaster awareness through the community and maintaining CERT operational readiness.

The BFCP meets regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (except December, no December meeting). These meetings are open to the general public and all are invited to attend. Typically, Fire Corps coordinators conduct training and seminars on a variety of disaster preparedness, response and recovery topics and many time involve either hands-on training or special guest speakers.

For information on volunteering with the BFCP, please check the recruitment page.

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Fire Corps Open House Event

Join Us for an Insightful Open House and Amateur Radio Field Day Date: June 22
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Location: Burbank Fire Department Training Center, 1845 N Ontario St, Burbank, CA

Discover the Core of Our Mission: The Burbank Fire Corps invites you to a special Open House where you can explore how we embody our mission to Learn, Train, and Serve. This event is a unique opportunity for community members to dive into the world of emergency preparedness and volunteerism, including participation in the ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day.

Event Highlights:

Open to All: This event is open to anyone interested in learning more about what we do and those who wish to join our efforts in making a difference. No residency requirement—everyone is welcome!

Why You Should Attend: This is your chance to get an inside look at emergency preparedness and response, understand the critical work we do, and explore how you can be part of our mission. Whether you’re considering volunteering or simply wish to learn more about our operations, your participation is valuable.

Let's Make a Difference Together: Join us to make a positive impact and help us create a safer, better-prepared community. Bring your family and friends and discover the impact you can make through learning, training, and serving alongside us.

Mission Statement: “Learn – Train – Serve”

We learn by attending meetings and classes as well as participating in independent studies courses. We train through exercises, drills and daily activities. We serve by giving back to the community through public education and emergency response when called upon.

Motto: “Mission Ready – Mission Capable”

Through the concept of “Learn – Train – Serve” we are prepared and ready to face the tasks given to us. Based on the flexibility of all members being trained in the basics of emergency services any volunteer is capable of performing any mission within their scope of ability.