Canteen Support Operations


The Burbank Fire Corps Program maintains a canteening capability for onsite firefighter relief. In the event of a large local incident, volunteers will be activated through channels at the request of the Incident Commander, Battalion Chief or other authorized individual. Volunteers use either a department vehicle or POV to provide bottled water, electrolyte sports drinks and, potentially, food to Burbank and mutual-aid firefighters. Hydrated first responders are less likely to succumb to medical issues in the wake of a major incident.

In addition, the Burbank Fire Corps Program has been called out to provide canteen response for other non-fire related emergency services activity.  The Burbank Fire Corps Program has been called out several times to support the Burbank Police Department with canteen support for extended law enforcement missions that have occurred.


BFCP members on Canteen duty operate behind the fire lines and are accordingly trained in incident awareness, safety and emergency protocol.

At the moment, this is strictly a relief operation, though as more EMT-qualified members join Fire Corps, the Canteen function may eventually expand to onsite firefighter rehabilitation, including vitals assessment and oxygen administration.

Frequently Asked Canteen Questions