Auxiliary Communications Service

Auxiliary Communications Service

The Burbank Fire Corps Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is an adjunct and vital reserve for City Communication. During activations, ACS-qualified members assist official communications by monitoring channels and alerting key Emergency Operating Center (EOC) personnel when they're otherwise out of contact. ACS-qualified volunteers may also engage in field operations as communications specialists, whether for Arson Watch patrols, CERT team deployments or local Command Posts. You do not have to be a Amateur Radio Operator to be a member of the

Burbank Fire Corps Auxiliary Communications Service.

In catastrophic emergencies, ACS has the capacity to keep lines of communication open even when normal and official networks fail. From Packet Radio to mobile repeaters, the Burbank Fire Corps ACS component is a key part of the City of Burbank's disaster readiness.

Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) members communicate using both Amateur Radio, and Public Safety radios.


Burbank Fire Corps ACS training is a three-hour course that prepares volunteers with the essentials of communicating on the Verdugo Emergency Network. This includes basic radio protocol, operation of handheld D-NET and ICI radios, as well as message protocol and radio room familiarity.

The basic ACS training is the minimum to qualify to assist radio operations for Burbank Fire Corps. Once the initial ACS qualification is achieved, training continues on a myriad of systems and networks.

Many ACS-trained volunteers press forward with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensure. Those so qualified, regardless of class, earn the use of the Fire Corps designation "Communications Specialist."

All amateur radio operators are invited to attend our meetings and check into our nets.

Monthly Net

The Burbank Fire Corps ACS Net is held at 7:00 p.m. every 1st Monday of the month (If 1st Monday is a Holiday net will be held on 2nd Monday).

The net will be conducted on 445.340- PL 71.9 (KC6JAR) by the IRC Radio Club - .

Monthly Meeting

The combined Burbank Fire Corps/ACS meeting is held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month (except November and December).

Check the Fire Corps messages for meeting location.

Amateur Radio Training and Exams

Get the latest on training and examinations to obtain or upgrade your ham radio license.

Fire Corps ACS Contact Information

If you are interested in joining or just giving us your comments and/or ideas, please contact us. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You are also welcome to join our weekly net. The net schedule is posted in this week's DCS and Fire Corps ACS messages. Check the Fire Corps Calendar for general information on the year's planned events.